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Return to running after having a baby

Returning to running after having a baby can be a bit of a journey but here at Darwin Health Group, our Women’s Health team can help get you to get there.

During our Women’s health consults we will determine your suitability to return to running and set you up with an individualised pelvic floor and strengthening program.

Here are a few examples of exercises you can do postpartum to help your body prepare for running:

- 0-2 weeks: start with gentle walking, pelvic floor muscle activation, pelvic tilting

- 2-4 weeks: begin bodyweight glute bridging, lunging and squatting

- 6 weeks: see your women’s health physio and begin low-impact exercise e.g postnatal pilates or exercise bike

- 8+ weeks: gradually increase resistance-based exercises as advised by your physio or health professional

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