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Clinical Rehab & Pilates
Book a pre-class assessment today

Pre-class assessment ($120)

Prior to commencing clinical rehab classes at DHG, it is important to have an Initial physiotherapy assessment to identify any limitations or injuries in order to be placed into the most appropriate class level.

Our clinical rehab program includes a few different style of classes that have been designed to suit those of all capabilities.  


Pre-class physio assessment involves:

  • Identifying any injuries

  • Identifying personal goals and structuring a plan based on these 

  • Real time ultrasound assessment to teach correct activation of deep abdominal and pelvic floor muscles

  • Education regarding the basics of pilates equipment in order to increase your level of comfort in the initial classes


Book your pre-class physio assessment here

physio womens health consult ultrasound pilates

Clinical Rehab ($45)

Small group session (max 4. participants) incorporating a mix of strengthening, reformer and mat pilates and small apparatus to target your goals of rehabilitating injuries, improving mobility or general strength and conditioning.

Pregnancy Strength & Pilates - tailored to your growing bump, pilates will can help maintain glute strength, reduce pelvic girdle pain and other pregnancy related pains, as well as improve mobility and fitness for labour. All stages of pregnancy are welcome in our clinical rehab groups.

pilates reformer darwin physio group fitness

Postnatal Strength & Pilates ($45)

A small group session aimed for women 6-weeks postpartum onwards on a return to exercise journey. These low load classes adapted for the postpartum mother allow aim to regain strength at an appropriate pace and improve posture. Incorporating pelvic floor education and strengthening and abdominal rehabilitation, our postnatal pilates classes is a great stepping stone to progressing to impact exercise. 


A 1 hour women’s health consult recommended prior to first class


Book your Women's health physio assessment  (1hr) here 

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