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Achilles tendinopathy

The Achilles tendon is a soft tissue structure that connects the muscles of the calf to the calcaneus (heel bone). A tendinopathy can occur for a number of different reasons but most commonly occurs during a rapid increase in loading for active individuals or a long term decrease in loading. Pain can start suddenly with activity, gradually over the duration of the activity or the day after training. Usual treatment involves in temporary reduction in training load, progressive tendon strengthening regime and manual therapies to target muscular tension. For an in depth assessment, diagnosis, manual therapy (massage, joint mobilisations, trigger point therapy and dry needling) and a comprehensive treatment plan, book with one of our physiotherapists today. Contact us via phone or through the online booking system below: 📞 (08) 8941 4695 #darwin #NT #physio #physiotherapy #rehab #sportsrehab #sport #exercise #pilates #pain #injuryprevention #wellness #health #rehabilitation #sport #workout #mobility #sportsphysio #gym #fitness

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