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Hand pain during pregnancy


Pain, tingling and/or numbness in the wrist and hand can be a sign of carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS). This is a condition where a nerve supplying the hand (the median nerve) is compressed within the carpal tunnel (the space between the bones of the wrist and a fibrous band called the retinaculum).

CTS can occur any time but will often present during pregnancy as a result of fluid retention - particularly in the 3rd trimester. It can be aggravated by use of the hand in wrist in usual daily activities with lots of pregnant women commonly reporting symptoms after sleeping.

Treatment includes:

- Splinting, which places the wrist and hand in an optimal position to minimise compression on the nerve

- Education on sleeping positions

- Nerve glider exercises prescribed by your physio

- Activity modifications e.g rolled towel under the wrist when typing

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