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Knee meniscus injuries

Knee meniscal injuries are common in change of direction sports like Aussie rules, rugby and netball. Usually they occur suddenly and are often associated with;

• Sudden or severe pain in your knee

• Swelling

• A feeling of looseness in the knee

• An inability to painlessly put we weight on the affected leg

The goals of physiotherapy treatment for a torn meniscus are to:

• Reduce pain and inflammation

• Normalise joint range of motion

• Strengthen your knee, quadriceps and hamstring

• Strengthen your calves, hip and pelvis muscles

• Improve your proprioception and balance

• Improve your technique and function e.g. walking, running, squatting, hopping and landing.

• Minimise your chance of re-injury

Usually mild meniscal tears can be managed effectively with the above, however, if you still experience symptoms after these approaches, we will work closely with your specialist to design a pre-surgical program to give you the best possible outcome.

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