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Sleep hygiene tips

You may wonder why a physio is emphasising the importance of good sleep hygiene?

The relationship between sleep and pain (as well as many other chronic illnesses) is well established in the scientific community. Getting a consistent good nights sleep is a one of the most effective ways to reduce pain sensitivity and aid recovery from injury.

Try to implement as many of the following to get a good nights sleep:

- Get into bed only when feeling tired and get out of bed if you cannot fall asleep within 20 minutes

- Create a consistent, comfortable sleep environment: cool, dark and quiet

- Try to dedicate the bedroom to sleep and not other activities eg. writing emails, returning text messages

- Set a sleep and wake time and keep this consistent

- Expose yourself to sunlight first thing in the morning

- Limit or eliminate daytime napping if finding it hard to sleep at night

- Create a relaxing pre-bed routine and have relaxing activities ready if you are having difficulty sleeping

- Exercise regularly during the day

- Reduce fluids before bed

- Avoid caffeine and alcohol

- Avoid sugar and big meals before bed

- Avoid sleeping in >2hrs on weekends

- Avoid sleeping with pets

- Limit screen time before bed

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