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6 tips for injury prevention

1. Increase training volume slowly

A simple and effective way to monitor your volume is by using the 10% rule. Try to limit your increase in volume by 10% per week.

2. Schedule a rest day before and after your long runs/ big workouts

Scheduling rest days is important to ensure proper recovery. Aim to have a rest day or light training day on either side of your higher intensity workouts.

3. Manage previous injury

If you have had an injury that hasn’t fully resolved or affects the way you move, seek help preferably from a physio with an interest in sporting injuries. A physiotherapist will carry out an assessment and guide you through your training plan.

4. Improve your mobility/flexibility

Regular stretching and foam rolling/trigger point therapy can be a great way to improve range of movement and reduce feeling of muscle fatigue.

5. Build muscle strength

If your exercise program doesn’t include it, make sure to incorporate some strengthening exercises. This is a great way to improve strength, help recovery and importantly avoid injury.

6. Sleep and nutrition

Although they might not immediately come to mind when managing injuries, sleep and good nutrition are especially important in recovery between exercise sessions. Make sure you get your 8 hours and fuel your body with plants and unprocessed meats.

If you want to learn more about preventing injuries get in contact to find out how.

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