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Overactive bladder

Overactive bladder (OAB) is a clinical diagnosis of urinary urgency, daytime frequency and/or waking at night to void. OAB can have a negative impact on social and work participation, emotional wellbeing and sexual function. Risk factors for OAB are older age, obesity, chronic constipation and vaginal birth.

Pelvic health physiotherapists can help facilitate recovery and develop a plan to work towards normal bladder function. Lifestyle/ behaviour modifications that may be exacerbating the problem can be addressed, bladder training techniques taught and pelvic floor muscle training initiated.

Some things to avoid for a happier bladder

- Avoid going ‘just in case’

- Avoid too many caffeinated drinks

- Don't stop mid-stream to ‘test out your pelvic floor’

- Don’t strain

- If you experience the urge to void and it cannot be deferred, walk calmly to the bathroom

Bladder dysfunction is not normal and there are solutions: check in with your pelvic health physiotherapist for an assessment and treatment plan if you experience symptoms.

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