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Plantar Fasciitis - What is it and how to treat it

Plantar fasciitis (pain at the base of the foot) is usually a long-standing inflammatory condition and can be very debilitating.

Normally pain is worse first thing in the morning or after prolonged rest. Depending on severity it normally feels better after warming up.

Try these couple of exercises to get you started on your rehab journey.

- Toes elevated calf raises (3x/week, 5x10reps, slow and controlled)

- Plantar fascia stretch (daily, 10 x 10sec holds)

- Foot pumps (after prolonged rest)

Other considerations: gel inserts or orthotics, choosing comfortable footwear and tracking daily step count as a way to measure progress. Stay consistent with these exercises and understand it can sometimes takes months or years to resolve (not weeks or days). If you are in need of more help, book in for some treatment and to develop an individual exercise program.

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