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Returning to sport post COVID-19 infection

After being largely insulated in the Territory we probably now know someone with or personally have had COVID ourselves.

So what’s the safest and best way to return to sport following infection?

The British Journal of Sports Medicine has put out this great infographic that breaks down your graduated return to play (GRTP).

- Before starting a GRTP, the athlete must be able to complete activities of daily living and walk 500 m on the flat without excessive fatigue or breathlessness.

- They should have at least 10 days’ rest and be 7 days symptom-free before starting.

- Less aerobically intense sports like golf may progress quicker. Experience suggests that some athletes take over 3 weeks to recover.

Send this to someone that may find this guide useful.

This infographic aimed towards people who have had mild to moderate symptoms of COVID-19. People with more complicated infections, or required hospital support should have a medical assessment before commencing a graduated return to play.

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